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Originally Posted by caitlin View Post
Best poly attitude I've noted in SF was Vonda McIntire's "Dreamsnake" which imo is a fabulous read and has a marvellously inclusive/feminist perspective on life.
After reading this I had to go back and read the book as I honestly didn't remember any poly in it! (unless you were referring to the snakes ). On re-reading, the "polyness" was so naturally treated (i.e. presented as a natural part of the culture rather than as a point of conflict or central theme) than my brain must have just gone "Oh, okay." and moved on. (Then again I read a LOT of Heinlein, so am used to characters having multiple relationships/group marriages.) A quite enjoyable read - thanks for prompting me to dig it out again.

(Contrast this with "The Avatar" by Poul Anderson - where there is a lot of melodrama over the topic and the characters in-book dialogue feels uncomfortable and defensive.)
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