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Default Touch

Funny you mention that...touch has become so important now, hugging, kissing, holding hands. I guess this first experience with Bent kind of blew everything that we had known away and now we have to get to know each other once again on different terms.

We have been very close in a different way. Not the gratuitous 12 minutes of intercourse-but instead its been very intimate and romantic. Lots of staring into each others eyes.

The power dynamic has changed too. She is much more confident and decisive. I have become more vulnerable and emotionally honest. She says I am like a school boy these days.

We haven't really talked about it, but I know that she misses the physicality of Bent. Her mind and ethics won't allow her to go where her body wants to. At this point we can't talk through it because it just frustrates her and I have to respect that.

I am glad to have this forum to share how things are going. There has been a lot of good advice here.
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