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Thank you, Tonberry. And the bumping comment wasn't meant to refer to aros only.

A-romantic people, as said, do not experience romantic attractions to other people. Fictional depictions of aromantic people include Sherlock Holmes, Dexter and arguably, Doctor Who. Of course in these pop culture references, aromanticism is due to other extraordinary features of the characters, such as abnormally high intelligence, sociopathy or being an alien from outer space. So they are very stereotypical depictions of aro people as a 'breed apart' or a psychopathological segment of the population. Also, in the above examples, the characters are also asexual or near enough, but this is not a trait shared by all aros.

Aro people can wish to have a circle of friends and family they want to be close to, be content alone, or want to have a special close friend above all others. The special friend can be referred to as a zucchini, queerplatonic partner, hetero lifemate, a companion, what have you.

To oversimplify a complex phenomenon, aro people don't want to date. Anyone. (Exceptions occur, and they are a bitch).

A good tumblr on the (a)romantic spectrum is
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