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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
River, I have been very interested in the energy problems facing the world. I got my degree in nuclear engineering & health physics. From my perspective, we need to invest in better and cleaner energy sources. It will take some time to go from fossil fuels to cleaner energy.
I'm of the opinion that diligent study reveals that peaking oil and gas production represents a far more precarious, even dangerous, situation than most of us realize. Precarious and dangerous because our present economy livelihoods are utterly dependent on the immediate availability of cheap oil and gas, which -- I think -- will not and cannot remain cheap enough for very long before we have serious and permanent infrastructure failure.

Careful study reveals that alternatives (including and beyond renewables) of various kinds will almost certainly take, at least, decades before going fully "on line". And that means that we will be seeing TEOTWAWKI ( before we see an energy renaissance or "technofix".

Nuclear is a bad idea for myriad reasons which shouldn't need spelling out: insurance companies won't touch it, governments would have to "insure"; no safe and effective waste-disposal solutions; uranium availability limits when in high global demand... on and on and on....

We're at peak net energy -- never again will we have the quantity and quality of energy we've had for the last hundred years. Capitalist industrialism will and must gradually put itself out of business -- and that leaves one available option, a return to much higher levels of LPLC (local production for local use) and a more or less agrarian way of life for future humans.

It will have to be a lifeway in which the baubles of consumerism are few -- but it may be a very good quality of life, nevertheless. Gardening, after all, can be fun -- as is riding a bicycle.
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