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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post

2) I feel I am simply less prone to jealousy than other people; I hardly ever experience sexual jealousy at all

3) I've been doing reading and research (books like "Sex at Dawn") on the theory that humans might be more "wired" to share partners than "wired" for jealousy, and that jealousy might be a social construct rather than a biological drive
Reading this book too, haven't gotten to the section on jealousy yet. But I very much relate to your experiences on jealousy.

As a former serial monogamist, after I left my first wife she sought revenge by sleeping with a male friend (she left evidence for me to find). I remember thinking two things: that I was happy for her - she went out and had sex with someone other then me and enjoyed it - great! And I also remember thinking why couldn't she have done that while we were married (which I quickly dismissed as I thought I must be the only male on Earth who could think such odd thoughts).

Now that I realize I'm not nuts for having these thoughts, I also realize that I want my lover to have other lovers. It's not lack of jealousy (I''ve never experienced jealousy), maybe it's lack of interest in an exclusive partner. By wishing our partners to have relationships with other lovers, we insure that there is less burden on us individually to exclusively support their relationship needs.

I wonder, is there a word for wanting your lovers to have other lovers?
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