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QUOTE: "Where romantic people have an emotional need to be with another person in a romantic relationship, aromantics are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships. What distinguishes romantic relationships from a non-romantic relationships can vary diversely, but often includes physical connection (holding hands, cuddling, etc.) and monogamous partnership.


People anywhere on the sexual spectrum (sexual, asexual, grey-A, etc.) may be aromantic."

from -


Thus the term "aromantic" (as defined here) is too vague to mean anything in particular. Surely it does not come down to whether one enjoys holding hands!

And I say this in part because the provided definition allows for both "sexuals" and "asexuals" to be aromantic, or romantic. So "romantic" isn't defined by sexual interest or practice in any way--as here defined. Nor is it defined in any way, really. It isn't defined by interest level, commitment level, passion level, or any discernable anything. Hmm.
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