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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
5) Aromanticism. Plenty of aro people want a relationship that's not romantic that involves commitment, but not everyone does.
Whew -- 'aromanticism'. Gonna have to google that. "Romantic/ism" has long seemed a little vague to me, anyway. I mean, if it's all about literally giving/receiving flowers, chocolates ... and sharing candle-lit dinners, I'm ony just a little "romantic". But if it's about deeply involving and committed relationships, I'm way more romantic than many (or maybe most)!

Anyway, I'm amazed that there are people using the self-designation "aromantic" and yet still "committed". Wow.

Hey, wait. Most close friendships are committed and yet not romantic. I wonder if people sometimes have "aromantic" friendships that include sex! Hmm.
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