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The OP probably isn't with us anymore, and most people probably know this already, but I wanted to say it anyway (it keeps me distracted from what I should be doing, which is reason enough):

There's nothing bad about fearing commitment, or not wanting to commit to a partner, if that's what everyone's on board with.

Some reasons why people might not want to commit to romantic relationships, other than being afraid of commitment or being indecisive:
1) Youth. Not wanting to commit to a romantic partnership at the age of 25 doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.
2) Been there, done that. If you just got out of a 20 year marriage, it's okay not to want to get into another right off the bat.
3) Relationship anarchy. You are allergic to labels and defining your relationships.
4) Sleeping around. Self-explanatory.
5) Aromanticism. Plenty of aro people want a relationship that's not romantic that involves commitment, but not everyone does.
6) You just don't want to.

Not wanting to commit to romantic partnerships is not the same thing as being damaged goods or leading people on or being afraid of feelings and of growing up. If you are kind enough to let people you bump into know that you have no plans to make this bumping a regular thing and don't expect them to commit to bumping into you, you are good to go a-bumping imho.
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