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Im not sure if I consider we have a poly marriage and we dont consider ourselves swingers. Weve be married 18 years and are extremely close emotionally and sexually. For us I feel this is just exploring our sexual relationship. He is straight and dominant, I am submissive and always felt hetroflexible. I have always fantasised about watching my husband with another woman and he has always want to have sex with another woman while I have to watch. This is about a SM sexual dynamic, and Im curious whether this is the main drive for others.

I started to talk to a divorced friend a couple of years ago, she admited she found this very arousing as she is sexually dominant and would 'get off' on making me watch her with her husband.

We discussed this for about a year, before one night my husband took control of the situation and we played out our fantasy but I was included and there was interaction between me and her as well. Since then we have continued to do this every few weeks and it has developed and is fantastic.

I feel loved by both of them, there is total trust between all three of us, I do not feel less loved by my husband, if anything we are even closer, what still amazes me is that I do not feel any jealously.

At first my husband and I agreed he would not have sex with her without me being there. However, as we have grown in this I said to my husband I think I might like this, hence on day they play text me and with my agreement they had sex, but kept texting me telling me what they were about to do ect. All I can say is that I have never been more turned on in my whole life. I do not feel any more vulnerable and I am actively encouraging them to do this again. Some may think I am being naive, but I truly feel I'm not
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