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Originally Posted by insanity View Post
RedPepper, so you don't have sex with your other partners?
The agreement was that I don't have sexual relationships with anyone that came into my life after him. I had a husband and three other men in my life at that time. The three other men are not with me anymore and I have a gf now that I am sexual with. The bf I didn't have sex with I met at the same time as him and agreed not to go there. He and I broke up this past winter. I think Mono realized that I was really in love with him and that it wasn't just friendship and was willing to move along his compromise into a boundary agreement. We have been together three years now and things have changed. The NRE time is over and we are quite settled. I think that has also made a difference. We have a commitment that can withstand my seeking out other possible sexual partners.

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
Understanding where YOU draw the line is very, very important.
Agreed. If it doesn't match up with someone elses line then that means a compromise needs to be made until something changes. That can mean that it never works out and one person becomes so uncomfortable that they have to leave in order to get their needs met or there is a shift so that there may be a boundary of some kind.
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