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Originally Posted by BlackMagicBlonde View Post
not even sure if this is the best place to post the question/new thread...please redirect if not. thanks!
Umh, not unless you want to start a blog on your journey into poly vis-a-vis Elfquest! Otherwise, I think this either Fireplace material, or possibly General Polyamory Discussion if you want to especially focus on the poly aspects of EQ.

I stumbled upon EQ very early on in my life, and while I had no clear idea what it was back then, I was intrigued. Due to several publishing decisions made by the Pinis, I have only been able to access the larger saga in bits and pieces.

I didn't actively connect EQ and poly until AnnabelMore noted how useful she found the terms lifemate and lovemate featured in the comics. I like them too, and I know rory does, aswell . Furmate for FWBs doesn't really work for me, being such a vegetarian wussy. I prefer the term lover-friend I think was originally coined by SourGirl (I got it from NYCindie).
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