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nycindie - love the blog article you posted. thanks for that!

i second most of MorningTwilight's and lovefromgirl's feelings.
PLUS, my temperament and my work/passion as an artist leads me to want to spend as much time by myself as i do with a partner, lover, or friend. WITHOUT the presence of someone emotionally close to me - whether alone in my backyard or by myself at a table in a cafe/pub - thinking my own thoughts, letting ideas and inspiration come as they will, and just generally not having nothing drawing my attention elsewhere.

for me, commitment means being there for someone when they really need you.

my best friend/partner and my small network of close friends KNOW that if they're stuck on the side of the road, i'll drop whatever i'm doing and go help them with whatever needs to be done. bail them out of jail. they can sleep with their head on my lap all night or for two weeks straight if someone breaks their hearts and that's what they really need. and i know the same is true of them. to me, this is commitment.

also - it means you and your people giving each other the freedom to be who they truly are. no need to fake, no fear of judgment or condemnation.

friends, partners, lovers, difference to me where commitment is concerned.
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