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Honestly, I don't think you should categorize yourself as totally alien or odd because of any particular interests. I don't think that in any way would make you hard to like or be comfortable with. For example, I'm about as odd as they come. I'm into all manner of odd geeky pursuits (very much a table top rpg player, go to conventions and spend massive amounts of time working on costumes for them, etc), I'm a member of the strange and much misunderstood furry fandom, I'm quite far into the kink world (in a very much 24/7 way), and so on. I also went through a period in my life where I was so socially awkward I went almost six month not speaking to anyone but my parents, because I would freeze up when anyone so much as looked my way. Despite all that, I find now that I've come to a point where I can hold a conversation with almost anyone. I have (after a long and hard time) gotten courageous enough that I can usually walk up to anyone on the street and start talking (except for some rare shy moments where I get a bit lost in who I used to be). I can also get along with pretty much anyone, or at least be friendly. If I can't get along with someone its usually only if they are intentionally unpleasant. I honestly think, that if you want to get along with someone, having some different interests is not going to make the difference. You can hit it off amazingly with someone who has nothing in common with you and talk for hours, or you could find someone with almost identical interests and just have the conversation be dull and awkward. In the end its really just about learning to be animated, friendly, and bold, when getting to know people. So if thats what you want with her, or in general when it comes to getting to know people, just go for it! Don't think you can't do it, believe you can and work towards it until you get there.
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