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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Re: Post #18 (by BlackUnicorn) ... wow. That opens up a whole new window in my understanding and perception of things. Thank you for posting that. I have saved the addy of that post for my own future reference (I hope that's okay).

Vinccenzo's Post #16 hit me hard too in a way, but it appears to not apply to the situation this thread is about.
Its why I asked rather than accused. It just sounded much like the dynamic of my very religious family. Men do sex to women and women suffer it as a wifely duty and to have children.

Fig, I apologize if you felt accused. The lack of your wife's input, that BaB knows her feelings mostly second hand and the imbalance in expectations all fit the dysfunction of my own family back ground so I threw those questions out for consideration. If the lack of desire for sexual intimacy means someone is asexual then about 90% of the women in my family would be asexual. I'm doubting that's the case. I'm sorry if having someone question it bothers you. I was curious.
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