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We are considering baby-making right now. The one candidate we have approached to make this happen with us lives very far away, so our baby-making attempts should be timed PERFECTLY. As if there wasn't enough stress as it is . (Oh, and when I say right now, it means that the potential baby person might come along in two years or so).

There are several hurdles to cross before getting to babies: my female partner smokes, and I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. We've made a plan to get rid of our habits and to seek treatment individually and together for our mental & emotional situation to make our home welcoming and safe for a new person. The exact details of the male parent's possible involvement are fuzzy still, but he is such an awesome person that I'm sure anything he comes up with will be just great!

I suggest you take a look at the Poly and Children thread, where there is discussion around this issue (getting pregnant in a poly config). I vaguely remember posting a series of questions to ask yourself if you're planning to start a non-normative family from scratch.

Our/my biggest concern is the stress possible infertility or it's opposite, twin pregnancies, will put on our relationship. Also, I have requested that we cease all possibly-baby making activities with other male partners for until our desired number of children is there or we have given up trying.

I don't trust contraception since it hasn't worked for me, and there is a limited amount of contraceptives you can use while you are breastfeeding. I don't want to wonder who our baby's father really is.
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