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thankyou both.

I appreciate your input, and I agree with you. I guess I could add a little more info.

so I agreed to let her do what she wants (within reason), because I feel it will help her understand that when i'm with someone else, it doesn't take away/devalue our relationship. I want her to do as she pleases, because I feel it is important for both of us. As much as it hurts, I know I have to swallow my pride.

that is why i'm typing this blog, it is sort of a journal and a way to vent my feelings/frustrations. I suppose some people would call it complaining haha, but I appreciate you reading it.

oh, and a last note, she understands the sacrifice i'm making for her (though not 100% I think), and is very appreciative of it. And she is working on her issues, and I am very appreciative of her steps. And you're right, baby steps are difficult to see. I guess I never thought of that, thankyou.
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