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Default How do you bring up poly?

Hi everyone, newbie here

Me and my mono boyfriend of 4 years split up in february, so I am currently single.

I have never been in a poly relationship before, but i'm pretty positive that it is my affination ... but only time will tell.

I do have a set of friends (3) who're in a poly relationship and have been for a long time but we're not close enough to bring the subject up and they're also friends with family. Best friends of mine in the past have scorned poly friends as 'vile' and 'just not right' so I can't really talk to them about it until I am certain I am poly either.

I want to try poly. I am straight and female if that matters. I guess what I really need advice with is when and how to bring the subject up. If/When I get a new partner ... should I tell them about it straight away or should I wait until we're in a commited mono relationship to bring it up? I don't want people thinking that i'm just looking for an excuse to shag about as that is just not the case but I really do want to explore these feelings I have always had.

Any advice? When is best, and how is best, to bring up poly with a new partner?
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