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Thank you for your support, Tonberry. All break-ups are difficult, no matter which part you played. Splitting up a partnership is sad because it finalizes things you might have been thinking or completely surprises you by doing so. I am sorry for you loss of partner.

My ex-beau emailed me telling me how difficult it has been for him. Just a simple email sent out to let me know that it wasn't an easy decision and neither is the recoil. Of course this made me smile. How sick is that? I hate that I can be so giddy when he is clearly hurting. I guess it just makes me feel loved and missed. I still think he made the right decision, but dang, I miss him! Today I am feeling sorry for my earlier giddiness, I am feeling for him this morning. I can understand how tough it is for him, how much he might wish he could take it back in a moment of weakness. I want to be there for him, but that would probably be counterproductive.
Have courage to continue this journey, for it holds nothing but lessons and wonders.
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