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Originally Posted by sm0k3st4ck View Post
Am i being too picky? Is this normal? My interests might be too lame and geeky for her to get into. Maybe I'm not cut out to be in this relationship?
No, you're not being too picky. And your interests are yours and you should be proud of your uniqueness. But you shouldn't assume you'll naturally get along with this woman just because you're both attracted to the guy. It doesn't work like that.

But there's a much bigger problem here, and that's the trust issue. It's going to be difficult to continue a relationship if you don't trust her. How can you like someone you don't trust? She may not trust you either, and she may not be mature enough for you to approach her and calmly talk this through and resolve the trust issues. That's the elephant in the room for you. Until that's resolved this relationship will continue to stress you out. Eventually, something will snap with someone. And not having a go at your age, but I imagine that the others in the relationship are around you age? That's a volatile age for making any relationship work, poly or mono.
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