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I can't remember where I was at from last time.

My new friend is becoming a fixture. Still no closer to figuring out the dating part of our relationship but that might be because he is still dealing with the break up he has been going through. She thinks he will come back it seems. He has three times before so I can see why. It usually occurs that he heads back after a couple of weeks. The pattern is that he gets lonely and she does too so she asks him to come over and he keeps going over until they are back together again. This time he is doing his best not to do that. I reminded him once of this pattern and that he doesn't need to do things he doesn't want to do so he wrote to her and explained that this time it has to be over. I too am waiting to see where this all goes.

He and I are becoming good friends in the mean time and I am grateful for our laughs together and his devotion to being near me. I was grateful today to him and the other two men when I got towed and had to pick LB up. He was at school and I had no car. Mono lent PN his truck and my friend picked me up to and took me to the towing company. Yay poly family!

I have begun chatting to a man I met on OKCupid this last week. We have a date this up coming Thursday that I am looking forward to. We seem to get along well via text and email. It will be fun to have someone to go out with again on a semi-regular basis. Wouldn't you know it but last week I was pining at a local pub by myself. I haven't felt the heart break feeling over Leo in huge chunks of time but that night I was torn apart as a result of someone triggering the feeling. The next day this man responded to my profile on OKC and asked if we could go out for beer and nachos! Strange and wonderful all at the same time. So pleased and excited!

PN is out with Leo's wife tonight for the first time since our break up. I am unsure if I want to know how it went when he comes in. I want to be on my game for tomorrow's burlesque show and don't know if I want to know anyway. I think I will just ask him how it all went and leave it at that. I don't know what they will talk about. Could be nothing to do with me. I will assume that is isn't a meet up to "talk" and carry on as such. I think that is best for me anyway. I'm glad that PN has his friend to talk to still. I hope he gets some questions answered for himself about whether or not its a good idea to continue on their friendship.
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