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Originally Posted by Pheline View Post
Yeah sorry if I sounded judgmental....Should not have been, took afterall the same route as you...I guess its that realisation that there are other options....granted the path is soooo much harder but worth it in the end...for sure...I am glad I followed my heart....the world has not come to an end and neither has my fact its so much more open now and just because we are allowed to date other people or have loving relationships to other people I still do not jump on everyone with a pulse as my husband had feared and I also do not end my 17 year relationship just because I met that special person who compliments us....but it needed that push to find out....I think if everyone had more trust in themselves to make their own decisions and rules rather than sticking to the conventional same for all rule....than the world would be truley a nicer place to live...amen...
Not judgemental sounding at all Pheline. Your point is taken, the world has some catching up to do to get to where we are (I don't mean that in an elitist way either, I don't think of myself as enlightened because I'm a newly discovered poly. But I am much happier with myself now and somewhat resentful that the world around me has forced me into it's peculiar mold for so many years).

Bottom line, I'm just happy that this site exists. And I'm happy that there are those that have paved the way before me - otherwise I would still be an unfulfilled soul in a mono relationship blaming myself for being different from those around me.

And don't you, and others who read this, feel more liberated overall? Not just in relationships but in other aspects of life? I do.
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