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I haven't read any of the other responses so excuse me if there are some repeats. I think that the option of getting them cozy and having sexy time is a little much for people that live with you. How long are they living with you? Is is temporary? I think that is could cause all kinds of problems and would mean there is no where to retreat to when stuff comes up because you share living space.

I wouldn't think of a poly relationship either under these circumstances... living together and going into something that is complicated enough already is likely going to complicate things more, especially if your husband and yourself are new to all this. Swinging and living with people you swing with is even more complicated than living with poly loves I would think. At least there is relationship building around love involved... not just sex. Ya, no thanks. I wouldn't do it...

Options seem to forget about it and enjoy your crush, forget about it and attempt the poly discussion with hubby anyways for the next time, move them out and do either of the other two options, or move them out and do the second option but see if something with this guy would be of interest to him and his wife... don't forget that they also have to be on board. It seems like a loooong way to making this about you and him loving each other... go slow. At the very least take your time with this whole thing.
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