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Yeah in hindsight I realize this sounded more like an ad than an intro. Honestly, we are not sure exactly how to go about this.....obviously we don't plan to rush into anything but it doesn't seem quite 'right' to pursue the opposite sex like single people would and we aren't the most social people. We have been married for almost 10 years now and as cliche as it sounds I heard about polyamory through an erotic stories site (I actually DO enjoy well written stories) and after throwing the idea around in my head for months and doing research I presented it to the wife and it just felt right. We have always thrown around the idea of threesomes and moresomes but TBH the purely sexual basis of those relationships never felt right. Now that we know what this life is, it seems that this is what we have been skirting around for 10 years now, but now what?
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