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Smile Newbies from Kansas

Hi, my name is Trisha and my husband, life mate, and best friend is Eric (hope that didn't sound to corny). I'm 45 & he's 50, we have been married 8 yrs and together for 9. Needless to say this wasn't our first time at the rodeo. We both had been in mono relationships where we were faithful and or spouses wern't, so we both decided to be very open & honest with each other ( the being cheated on is bad enough but being bold faced lied to & made to feel like we were being paranoid and crazy by or spouses was worse). We had both been interested in having a more openly sexual relationship prior to meeting, me due to a research paper I did in college, him because he wanted to try a honest open sexual and romantic relationship. I am bi curious and have had a few bi experiences, some good some not so good, he loves seeing me having pleasure, and well he's a man and enjoys sex also. We were monogamous our 1st couple of marital life but I was still wanting more sexually and emotionally that as a male he simply didn't have the female body or mind for, and he also wanted to extend our relationship, so we tried swinging. While swinging is fun both of us feel the emotional part is missing and we both want that connection. We both are educated, I am a RN and he is a supervisor of maintance in a factory. We are empty nesters unless you count the dog and 2 cats. We are just as happy watching the history channel, discovery, or science channel as we are going out to a club to meet people and dance. Due to our pasts we believe in being open, honest, and kind to others. We both love to watch funny shows, laughter is good for the soul. We are spiritual but not religious and believe in tolerance. Well that's us, so hello and nice to meet everyone
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