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This is my first attempt at using a website and my wife usually just likes to read the blogs and posts, never posts herself. She is a very private person

We have done readings, articiles, blogs etc. and talking about it with secondary. My wife is embarassed to let anyone know about what is happening...we are almost there, it is a slow process. She feels it is her deficiency that I need to have another partner.

She/We have considered counselling but it hasn't come about yet. I have a friend who is poly friendly and was thinking about asking her to be outside voice from me and my secondary.

Her issue is with the intimacy part of the relationship with my secondary, she feels that is very personal to her. I am trying to show her another idea about that.

I would appreciate any help and support that you may provide. I appear to be doing well with her, and we alway seem to find articles online that further my message.


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