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Originally Posted by blytheandbonny View Post
She met up with an old friend from her hometown and had sex with him. My guy was floored - not so much that she made the choice to reach out to someone, but at all the circumstances around it and at what her thought process around it revealed.

This was devastating to my guy. He was gobsmacked that he had missed this. He'd read plenty in the forums as well and intellectually knew that a lack of sexual desire does not equate a lack of need for affection. He felt responsible. This is a woman who he'd vowed to love and to take care of for a lifetime and who is still very much in his heart. He knows in his heart of hearts that it was his actions that sent her into that evening with the hometown friend needlessly.
Maybe I'm missing something.....

Why is it bad that she had sex with someone else? Was she traumatized? Was she coerced? Is she emotionally damaged and seriously regretful over it? Is she trying to place responsibility for her actions on your guy? I mean, she is a grown adult right? He has had for a while now the ability to be intimate with people other than her so why is it a big bad thing if she decides to do so too?
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