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i agree with you complelty,

for some reason, there is that urge to live together, im not sure if its sociaity or if its nature to nest,

at the moment i live with montianboy, and id say we are pretty sucessful with the living arangments in the sense that if we do argue its rarley because we live together or because of anything to do with the house, but it was not easy getting to that point living together is a HUGE challange and i think why not spend the time getting to know each other in your own space before starting out on that massive challange becuase its fun and lovley to move intogether but its also hard work

but then
there is another part of my brain, a less logical part that would love R to live with us, but i am sure for now that is not part of the plan, i am enjoying my nights at his and i enjoy his visits, i want to get to know him without that added complication.

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