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there's no doubt her sex drive has been higher than mine over the last year / 2 years. I've not dealt with the stress of my business very well and as a result my self confidence has taken a hit (not very sexy for my gf I imagine) and my libido took a nose dive, so to speak. Maybe I'm reaching out for explanations here, or maybe the truth is that she just wants more than one partner. It's not an option for me, so there's an unavoidable ultimatum, which I hate, but which is the only way I can see us both getting what we want from life - if her poly life is so important to her (her statements on this vary from "it's a strong part of who I am" to "it's just a part of me I've not explored" to " maybe I just wan't single long enough between relationships" to " you are the only important thing in my life"
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