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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I don't know how much of it is wiring and how much of it societal, but does it really matter? The majority thinks this way. End of story. We just have to live our truth and get on with it instead of arguing details.... its becomes way too personal and dwells on semantics. At least for me it does.
To me, it matters when people start using wiring as an excuse to not bother to understand a point of view that may be different from their own or when wiring is used as an excuse to make assumptions about a whole population of people.

I brought this up because Mono claimed that it was his "mono wiring" that caused him to have a different understanding of basic logic and reasoning. It's not about whether people are wired mono or poly, but how much does that wiring actually affect how we see things. Scientists have been having that discussion for years and still can't come up with a definitive answer. And it's fine for people to have their own experience of that, but I'm certainly going to call it to task when it is used as a reason to make assumptions about some very basic principles of being a person. (especially saying something like a clearly illogical leap of reasoning doesn't make sense to me only because I'm not mono-wired)

As long as people continue to act as if they are two different worlds or two different species of people, it does nothing but create a great mechanism for marginalization. Honestly, a friend of mine put it best: Being poly is like being mono, except with more people. Honestly, there's really not that much of a difference, so why do we have to act like there is?
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