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Hi and welcome! We have another member here who goes by Moonglow.

You may wish to check out the Books and Websites and the Glossary thread, both stickies at the top of our Poly Relationships forum.

It sounds like you are both starting to explore this from a good place of consideration, caring, and compassion for each other. There is no need to rush into a poly situation. Make sure you both are comfortable and have addresses any fears and insecurities that could come up.

I will say I highly recommend the book Opening Up by Tristan Taormino. It's a great one for couples, and on her website she has a few free checklists of good questions to ask yourself and your partner now that you are contemplating poly. They are PDFs and you can find them here:

I especially like the bottom two documents on that page, "Reflecting on Change" and "Self Evaluation." Some good questions in those to promote the thought process and consider angles you may not have before.

Also check out the Life Stories and Blogs forum to read others' perspectives, and the Golden Nuggets for good info. Any questions, feel free to start a thread or PM other members!
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