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Thanks for the welcome, Kevin!

It's an odd thing, being here and not sure that I belong. Your compliments are much appreciated.

My guy and his wife (UGH, as a 3rd wave feminist, it rankles me to reduce anyone to their marriage status. I should develop empowering nicknames for them both that uncondescendingly indicate who they are to me for clarity's sake) both read this post and the other post I made in the relationship forum.

I quite gather that I skimmed over quite a bit of important nuance for her.

I don't doubt it. She and I have met once for about 90 seconds. All other communication happens between him and her and then separately, him and me. Perhaps one day she and I will have an independent relationship and can share information directly without it being weird. I'm sort of amused at the idea of the amount of pasting convos back and forth he must have done tonight.

Which is an opportunity for an *awesome* game of 2nd grade Telephone (uh-oh, am I dating myself here?)

He's marvelously complex. Any woman he would adore as he does her would have to be the same.

Meeting them tomorrow night with their son for a movie. Will be the first time I'm meeting the son.

SUPER curious and optimistic about it. I don't think it will be awkward. Blending the family is a huge step for everyone, and I don't think any of us take that lightly. I'm humbled and honored that I'll be included in this family ritual.

Fingers crossed that it goes swimmingly tomorrow night! I could use an unqualified success. I'm also super willing in the metaphysical sense to pass on surplus good karma, so, community, feel free to send me as much as you can spare. I'll pass on the extra.

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