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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I haven't read your whole posts yet, but this just caught my eye. Occasionally people do come here and use those abbreviations, like DH and DW, but most of us here either use the person's real initials or give them an alias. There is a member here named DingedHeart, whom we often refer to as DH, so when someone uses those old abbreviations it can be confusing. Lots of people here refer to husbands as Hubs.

I've always found the D_ thing a bit irritating myself. Who calls anyone Dear anymore, anyway? There is a forum I sometimes go to where people put D for "Dear" in front of everything, and they spell out the whole second word - DFriend, DNeighbor - ugh! Abbreviations are supposed to make things shorter not longer. Drives me batty. But I digress.

Sorry. [/rant]
I call my husband Dear all the time! lol I actually call anyone I'm close to Dear... Friends and romantic partners alike.

Anyway, Chaos, I think how you treat the other man is really determined by what you want from him. If you just want to keep it purely a FWB type situation versus a romantic one, I would avoid mushy stuff anyway. If you and your husband ARE open to forming romantic relationships and not just sexual ones, then you would need to decide if this guy is someone you're interested in being more than friends with AND how to convey that via your actions.

Words are important, too, though. If you think he is getting ahead of the situation either by the way he behaves around you or by other actions (the sending you flowers) then you need to talk to him and tell him what you're expecting from the relationship. If you or your husband has used the word "poly" vs. "swinging" or fwb then he may have a different idea of what the situation is than what you are actually wanting.
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