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"Between the past and the present, there was an amazing six months of healing, and a year of dating men and women and discovering that despite my attraction to women, relationships with men are easier to manage."
Ooh, not gonna touch that one ...

Kris, welcome to our forum.

That's great that your kid has been supportive toward you (teens as a demographic have such a bad reputation), I bet you've been a supportive parent too (through all the crazy changes that life throws at us).

It sounds like you're currently in a "V" situation; you're like the hinge and the two boys you're with are the "arms" or "legs" of the V. Unless by "close boys" you mean that they have a romantic relationship with each other ... in which case you have a delta, triangle, or triad, whichever word you like best I suppose.

You'll no doubt have many questions/thoughts/concerns, and is a good place to find feedback/support/answers. I hope you'll make yourself at home here.

Kevin T.
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