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Default Ted Turner is open about four relationships

Ted Turner, founder of CNN and noted for philanthropy, such as when he wrote one check for a billion dollars to the United Nations, was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN tonight. Among other things, he was asked how he manages his relationships with four girlfriends. "It's not easy," said Turner who has explained elsewhere that he spends about a week per month with each of them.

Asked by Morgan what made him choose this lifestyle, he explained, "Well, if one leaves me, it won't hurt so much." Turner elaborated that he was so devastated by Jane Fonda leaving him, that he never wanted to get married again. "I always heard, three strikes and you're out," explained Turner, who has been married three times.

Turner continued explaining how this works, "I'm good friends with all four," to which Morgan asked, "Are they good friends with each other?" "Some are, some aren't," said Turner.

The only one of his four relationships who has been acknowledged publicly is novelist Elizabeth Dewberry. It was not explained, and I have found no reference in the press to it, but it would be interesting to know if any of the four women also have other relationships. My guess is that at least one of them does. Just a hunch.

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