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Default O' Brave New World!

For me polyamory is a semi-new thing to me. I've heard about it for awhile but am now starting to make myself more aware as well as learn what lessons the community around me can teach me even if I find the lifestyle doesn't suit me.

I'm 26 and somewhat recently single from a long-distance relationship - monogamous relationship (as I've always been in) that ended due to her being too wrapped up in work and family for her to be in a relationship anymore.

I found myself drawn towards the local poly community through the local kink community (there's a bit of overlap in Austin), and through reading what I can online and offline (am currently reading (edit)Sex at Dawn) I'm finding many commonalities between myself and polyamory: communication, trust, and (at least for me) the emotional/romantic bond between myself and my partner. I see sex as a part as well but feel the emotional bond enhances this aspect much more.

So after a bit of googling I found this site and here I am posting this introduction. Not sure where else to go from here except to keep reading, asking questions, attend local socials, 101s, etc. Any additional input is welcome!

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