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Default Hey all! :-)

Hey all,

I'm Kris, and as much of an online support junkie as I am, I'm surprised I didn't join these forums sooner. Perhaps I did, under a different name.

Anyhoo... My situation. Well, my history was a 15 year marriage that I pushed for poly in during the last few years. The last two we lived as a triad. I felt at the time that I was really poly, and my partners were quite monogamous, happening to be in a triad, and that they were more into each other than me. This may have been true, but was much more indicative of me wanting to be free to explore multiple relationships without constrictions, and my jealousy seeing them content. At least that's my current analysis.

My current situation involves two close boys and some confusion about how to juggle that. I have a long history with one, but the other and I have become closer. This creates lots of challenging feelings.

Between the past and the present, there was an amazing six months of healing, and a year of dating men and women and discovering that despite my attraction to women, relationships with men are easier to manage.

I have an awesome, adaptable teenager who has weathered all these changes with an amazing attitude. I'm out to family, friends, and co-workers.

I look forward to exploring the boards!

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