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Default Ups and downs

I can speak from my perspective as totally new to all this, with only one direct sexual experience.. I want to qualify because I don't know how valid what I say will be...
Yes, I have a slight fear of comparison. With men, there is just the whole difference in equipment (size and shape etc...). It wouldn't be an issue for partners who don't particularly care about such things but I feel like my partner does in fact enjoy the difference.

This and other things have changed the dynamic between us. Our sex drives have increased and become more intense. However, without getting too much details into the mechanics and things, sex between us has changed and is not as satisfying between us...we had to stop for a little while. We did take small steps towards engaging with each other this week and it was hot and good. So far, it has changed the way we engage with each other, even the way we kiss.

I don't get jealous because I know that I can't change myself physically but it still does engender some weird feelings, including sometimes feeling inadequate. Because our arrangement is mono-poly-it leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable.

But sometimes I feel elated and very happy with our sex life. Its different now and very dynamic. So a lot of ups and downs.
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