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Default New Territory! Oh, wait, this trail has been tread before by many.

Hello! Newbie here. Not even sure that I belong here, but I figured that I'd start here and see where things go. I've been reading through this forum quite avidly and and am so appreciative of all of the wealth of information and strong community I've seen here.

I'll save the crux of my questions for the appropriate subforum(s), but I did want to drop in and introduce myself. Seems the polite thing to do. I'm an IT professional divorced serial monogamist woman in her early 40s. No kids.

Wandered my way over here for education and advice. I've found this amazing man whom I love very much, and I believe the feelings are reciprocated. Never have I experienced the same sort of fulfilling passion, intellectual compatibility/challenge...well, I could go on and on.

The twist for us is that though he's in the middle of a divorce from his whole-adult-life relationship, he still loves her deeply, intractably (as she does him), and that even though they're closing the door on their legal partnership - their bond is likely to be evergreen.

She's asexual and he is not. Though she does not desire sex, she does desire those lovely warm caresses, kisses, and possibly, occasionally, the connection that only sex can provide. He will lovingly provide all of that for her when she wishes, probably for the entirety of their lives.

This is is a new realization for all parties involved. Prior to the last couple of weeks, I think everyone was working under the impression that their close relationship would be entirely platonic going forward.

My relationship with this man, whom I very much suspect is my soul mate, is conditional upon my not only acceptance of the bond between them, but my loving supportive blessing of it.

I'm sorting through my feelings about this. Wrapping my mind around it. It's all such very new territory.

So, that's the quick version of the story and why I've ambled into your midst. Glad to meet you all. Something tells me I'm going to get to know you much better in the days to come.

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