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Originally Posted by sunnicat View Post
He has known her for three weeks and slept with her twice--meaning not coming home.
I have told her that we are married with three children and I am not going anywhere.
So he met this lady outside of poly circles? I'm curious as to your choice of phrasing - it was you, not him, that brought up that he has duties as well. How did this relationship get started?

Originally Posted by sunnicat View Post
plus she keeps talking about how lonely she is in her little apartment, its almost like she is hinting she wants to be somewhere else. I have young kids and I am not comfortable with having her in my home yet........
Introducing her to the kids after three weeks is not a good idea imho. Possibly she is just referring to how she wants your hubs around more? How involved is your husband with the children? Did you have your own secondary relationship before or after the kids and how did it begin and end?
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