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L came into town tonight, and he, my husband and I all went dancing together. I walked up the street linking arms between the two of them, feeling smug as a bug. It makes me happy to see the way the two of them respect and admire each other.

L and I have always enjoyed talking about sex, so when he first arrived today and no one else was home, our conversation heated up pretty fast. We're very careful to limit our actions (just hugs and kisses) but we can get carried away with our words. He knows I have long had a fantasy of being in bed with two men, and I talked about how even just having two clothed men giving me a massage would be fantastic, if no one felt comfortable getting naked and sexy together. And I said I'd have no problem letting that massage go as far as they wanted it to. Well, we've just said our good nights after a nice clean chat around the dining room table. I guess my fantasies will remain fantasies. Oh well.
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