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I feel your pain too. I have a similar situation but she has never really acknowledged the feelings until recently. I'd be happy just to snuggle on the couch watching a movie but she "can't do that". We've talked about it and she's one of those that can't be that close physically without wanting to act on it. So, out of respect for her wishes and the fact she has a new boyfriend, I don't see her much. We work together and go for walks during her lunch break a couple times per week. I know it will eventually end. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. She's totally awesome. My hope is that I'll be happy when she finally marries. That I'll be happy she's happy. I've met the boyfriend, he knows how close she and I are and is ok with it. Super nice guy. I know she'll be in good hands if it turns out he's "the one". But I'll miss her.
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