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Ooookay new development......

I didn't really go into many details on it but almost three weeks ago I wrote Y a significant letter about issues we needed to work on. Primarily reducing his porn viewing and trying to increase the romance in our lives. I poured my heart into this letter, telling him how emotionally devastating the excessive porn viewing was and how desperately I need the romance and intimacy in my life for me to be happy. I was very communicative in this letter so there wasn't any doubt about what I was concerned about. I said I really didn't want him viewing porn more often than he was sleeping with me.

He was good for the first....week and a half-ish? And now he's back to watching it way more than he's with me again, even though I told him the issue was emotionally devastating me.

If it's something I did wrong to cause the resurgence, *he's* the one not communicating to me. I have a problem with that. I am very upset. But I know I can't sulk. We are going to talk about this, if not tomorrow then no later than Friday. I can't keep hoping these problems will go away anymore. He needs to tell me why he's doing this again even though I clearly told him it's been hurting me badly the last four months.

And I will broach the idea of marriage counseling. If my letter isn't getting through, then really I think that has to be the next course of action. I can't believe this....I tried so hard with that letter, and after rereading it I see I was so very clear about the kinds of attention I want and need. I'm still not getting through to him despite that....

I'm feeling so scared all over again.
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