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Hi and welcome.

From your history are you saying he's ok with sharing you sexually with the his friend in a dating context?....but not in an emotional, romantic way. Or not at all.

Was he unaware of the text traffic and deepening emotional connection?

I sorta get the not wanting to share mentality ...I don't share cars ...a have a few house(except with my kids) ...clothes neighbor one time wanted to go in on a snowblower...I opted to spend the $900 some odd dollars and let him use it if and when he needed....just thought it wouldn't be worth it. So if I'm a good partner and devote my time and energy to my partner why shouldn't I expect the same? Knowing what he brings to the table
maybe he feels like he doesn't have except less than 100%.

I'd start with the poly book list. Read up...learn all the different arguments and the counter arguments.

Encourage him to read your thread and all the responses.

Check and see if a poly friendly counselor could help get your point across.

Good luck to you both

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