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Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
So, am I the only person that is turned off by the potential drama of the spouse finding out? Am I the only one that thinks if he's willing to cheat on his wife, how in the world can I trust anything he says to me, a stranger? Am I really that much of an idealist that I believe honor and loyalty applies to your whole life and wants no part of a false person?

Or am I just demanding way too much of folks?
No, you are definitely not alone! I will NOT do ANYTHING with someone whose significant other doesn't know - that includes girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or anyone else that is committed to the person I'm interacting with.

I agree that if they lie to their wives, they'll lie to you. Hence my refusal to associate with cheaters.

Demanding honesty is not too much. I've never been cheated on or cheated, but I have been around people who have been on both sides of it and it never ends well. Being a part of it is just asking for trouble.

For the record, I think it's really sad that your friend tried to get away with something that he knew wasn't right with you. People do make mistakes, though, and it may be that he has other issues that made him err in that instance. I would try to save the friendship, but avoid sexual (or possibly sexual) situations from now on.
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