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Originally Posted by Krysten View Post
I am his he says...
You are NOT his. You are not his, you are not Alan's, you are not ANYONE's. You are YOURS. You choose to share yourself with Peter, but you aren't his. You're yours.

Well, unless there's an M/s aspect to this in which you desire to subserviently be Peter's property. Then he can call you his. But even then, that was YOUR choice, and by your permission, if so. If there isn't an M/s aspect to this, then for your own sake beware of others considering you a possession. It's not kind. No matter how kind and understanding a person can seem or be, a mindset by which you are a possession, unless reached mutually through discussion and given knowingly by yourself, is not a fair or kind mindset to have.

I'm sorry that doesn't touch on the polyamory related questions rattling around in your head; but there are people here better suited to answering those than I.
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