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While Runic Wolf was active military, we knew a few couples who were swingers or open, but it was definitely something you kept under wraps. One was the head of Fort Riley Pagan Association's husband, who was bi-sexual. We only found out about it because the wife and I were pregnant together and spent alot of time together while our husbands were in the field.

The wife of one of Runic Wolf's sergeants seduced him a few months before we were married, with her husband's consent and I received an invitation for her and I to fool around, while they watched, once I arrived in town. Both Runic Wolf and his sergeant knew not to say anything or it would be both of their careers and possibly jail time.

While we were stationed in Kansas, we heard of a soldier who got sent to Fort Levenworth for getting a blow job while driving and getting caught. Blow jobs are considered sodomy according to the US Code of Military Justice.
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