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I agree with what everyone has posted so far. You absolutely have every right to express your wants and needs; but be aware that NRE is very much like a drug and you may need to remind him on occasion to come back to Earth so to speak and focus on you. It may not be easy for him to notice when he is neglecting you, for lack of a better phrase.

In the early days of my relationship with Wendigo, my boyfriend, he and I would only get to see each other once a week or once every other week after everyone had left on game night. We would talk almost daily online, so by the time that we saw each other there was all this pent up energy that was hard to hold back for the 3-4 hours of game and our self control came crashing down as soon as our friends left, which usually resulted in us being all over each other almost immediately. We couldn't go to his house and it was a few months before we had our first alone date, so Runic Wolf was constantly having to drag me back down to Earth and I was constantly having to explain that it was the week or two of not seeing each other that lead to us wanting to be physical as soon as we had the opportunity.
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