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My name is James.

Firstly i'd like to apologise if i have come to the wrong place but i've been looking for something and need some advice.

I've always been interested in being in a relationship with 2 women. To clarify all 3 of us would be in a relationship together. To me thats it makes perfect sense. Why have 1 loving partner when you can have 2? I can understand that people may look strangely at that comment but in my eyes there would be more love and more of all the things someone might enjoy in a 2 way relationship.

I havent got a clue what term you would give to a relationship like this and how to find people looking for the same thing. I'm actually in no relationship at the moment but i've decided that i should look for what i really want now and why shouldnt everyone do what makes them happy.

Does anyone have any advice or guidance for me?

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