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Default In love with Monogirl. Oldest story in the book.

*lovelorn sigh*

We are with each other almost every day. We wine and dine each other, walk down the street arm in arm, take road trips together, go dancing together, sleep in the same bed together... every time I'm with her I admire her more and more and fall a little bit more in love. She's my wife's best friend. It's perfect.

But she's monogamous. She'd join us, except, "you're married! I can't get past that." Sometimes when we're out together, there'll be enough electricity that we lean in to each other to kiss. But then we remember and pull back.

This was all fine for a while. I was plenty happy to have her as a friend, or whatever connection she was able to offer. Then she went on a couple of dates last week, and suddenly I felt the loss. I suddenly recognized exactly how much I really love her and want her. But of course I can't have her. Whatever closeness we have is doomed to die once she finds a monogamous guy to have a real relationship with. Then the wining and dining will stop, the road trips will end, the quasi-dates will be no more, and she'll be just a friend, if she doesn't disappear altogether.

So I've been truly lovesick all week for what must eventually be. Can't really keep my mind on my work right now, so I'm writing just to get it off my chest. Love is hard.
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