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Default The wedding; the aftermaths

Thanks a lot to all those sweet comments. I smirked at the NCIS one, thanks BlackUnicorn And yes, they are considerably different regarding their heights. At first I thought this could be a problem for me, but I like it very much. Maybe this is the reason why I have those urges to protect Lin and cuddle him and such, I recognized that I tend to do things with him that Sward does with me. Maybe there are some inherent dynamics between taller and smaller people in general, who knows ^.^ For me it's just fun to experience both sides with Sward and Lin.

The aftermaths of the wedding slowly unfolded themselves yesterday. All talked to each other what they had thought about what and whom and how wonderful everything had been and so on. As it seems, I haven't been the only one being totally unnerved by said wife of the brother of the groom. Every single person who spoke to my sister/brother in law complained about something she did, said or how she looked like (really horribly dressed, a lose shirt top without a bra underneath, showing her … well, no longer young looking breasts a bit too much every time she bend down to lift her daughter). But well, someone like that seems to be in every family out there.

Sward was generally tired and done for and slept half of the day on the couch, the other half was spent on demounting the marquee and driving around giving stuff back to the owners who helped us out for the party. Lin and I played most of the day (a new computer game). When we came together in the evening for dinner (the first time just the three of us in nearly a weeks time), we talked about everything that was on our minds.

When Lin mentioned that he was absolutely astonished that the circle of people being present at dinner after the wedding had been so exclusive, I simply smiled at him. He never understood that he had been invited to a 'just the family' dinner before the very moment he stood there and counted the chairs. He was really happy, a bit relieved and also excited about the possible meanings behind this gesture. Over the course of the wedding he had been totally involved in all kinds of preparations, had helped out everywhere and was accepted into the family a great deal more than before. My mother teases him all the time, she definitely acquired a liking for him by now, my father loves to chat with him casually and my sister and her husband became close friends with him (the husband more than my sister though).

I think we are ready to consider talking to them soon. I will have an eye on my mother and her health first and wait for her therapy to progress a bit more before I finally seek a silent moment to discuss things with her, but I don't think that this will take a long time to happen by now. In regard to my mother, things will start on Friday, they decided to try a chemo before they operate her, as this seems to be more promising for the end result. My mother is obviously totally tense and waiting for the things to come (what she hates the most).

All in all, I think I am really happy right now. Things are good, even though we have had some stressful days and there were little frictions during that time almost everywhere, but those were too minor to leave any traces and really not worth mentioning next to the things that went great. Let's see what life has in stall for us
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